Baumann Tool
and Die

We strive to make parts of exceptional quality at an affordable price.

We were founded in 1986 with the values of good work and quality people.  This continues to be our driving mission today.  We see our clients as friends as well as colleagues and work closely with them to meet all of their needs.

Baumann Tool and Die is a domestic contract manufacturer specializing in: Injection mold making, Plastic injection molding, and Precision CNC machining parts for manufacturing.

Our Services


By understanding how you intend to use your component, we will work with you to design and fabricate custom plastic injection molds to maximize functionality and/or durability, all while using the most cost efficient process available.


Our in-house custom plastic injection molding equipment takes your idea from design and prototype to mass production. We have capacity to run high volume multi-cavitation molds (1 million+ parts) and maintain them throughout the life of the injection mold. Our molding process produces consistent plastic parts and high tolerances.


We offer visual inspections from set periodic intervals to 100% part inspection based on your needs & quality control criteria.

The best place to find your perfect solution for all of your industry needs.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

Automation Industry

We regularly make details for seven to ten different automation companies.

Retail Industry

We routinely make blow molds and injection molds for both large and small companies.

Automotive Industry

We make a variety of injection molds for the interior of automotive vehicles.  Our components can be found in Ford, Tesla, General Motors, and BMW vehicles.

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