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We provide quality products and services to all of our customers.  We will work closely with you from the beginning to the end of your project needs.  We offer many production mold options, as well as detail work and mold repairs.

Our Products

Top Quality Products!

Production Molds

We make plastic injection molds, die cast molds, blow molds, compression molds, hard tool molds, and aluminum molds for a variety of industries from aviation to retail.

Machine Parts

We make machine parts for the automation, furniture, and recreational industry.

Make Prototypes

we work with our clients from phase one of their idea to the final phase of making the prototype parts.  We have regular consultations with our clients to help with the design and engineering process as well.

Small Production Runs

We make small production runs for many industries and use a variety of materials (metal, plastic, tool steel).  We are not limited to the quantity of parts our clients are looking for.

Detail Work

We do detail work for the automation, boating, and recreational industries.

Foam Molds

seating, packaging, consumer/retail, medical

We make foam molds for forklifts and packaging purposes, as well as for the retail and medical industries.

Our Services

Top Quality Services!

Mold Repair

We can repair any production molds that are up to 700 tons.

Tool Repair

We work with manufacturing companies to repair automation lines that go down due to component failure.

Design Molds and Prototypes

We work closely with our clients to design, engineer, and create the product that they are envisioning.  We value our clients happiness and will continue to work with them until they are satisfied.


Our experienced engineers, mold designers and master toolmakers consult on all technical aspects of the injection mold for optimal performance and minimal maintenance.

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